About Us

Southwest Rail Passenger Association is a volunteer, grass roots group of dedicated citizens, working to educate and inform our citizens regarding the many benefits of a public transportation system and passenger rail service in the heavily populated area of the American Southwest.

Our mission through education is to provide the historic background of public transportation and how this may impact our current and future transportation needs.

We also plan to conduct nonpartisan research, all of which we believe will be used by the general public, civic leaders and transportation providers in order to study the transportation needs of the region.

We believe that the traveling public, especially people with mobility and physical challenges, senior citizens and children should be provided a safe, reliable and comfortable means of transportation. It is our intention to do research and education with the goal of making public transportation available to all people.

Southwest Rail Passenger Association is a non profit tax exempt organization under section 501(c) (3) of the IRS code. Contributions to Southwest Rail Passenger Association are tax deductible.