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Our Voice: Long slow climb toward daily Amtrak service
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Steve Grande -- Sep 11th 2014

Our Voice: Long slow climb toward daily Amtrak service

Desert Sun editorial board5:38 p.m. PDT September 10, 2014
The daily Amtrak route between Indio and Los Angeles is inching closer to reality as slowly as the Coastline Starlight climb on the Cuesta Grade up north out of San Luis Obispo. It’s a long, slow climb…  More>>

Steve Grande -- May 24th 2014

Save The Chief!

Spectacular Scenery – World Class Tourism – Essential Transportation
This train needs YOUR help NOW!
Almost one third of Amtrak’s historic SOUTHWEST
CHIEF route that carries this legendary train
through western Kansas, southeastern Colorado,
and northern New Mexico is threatened with
abandonment. If funding is not identified to
rehabilita…  More>>

Steve Grande -- May 24th 2014

Save The Chief! Color Flyer (PDF)

Save The Chief! Color Flyer

Steve Grande -- May 6th 2014

2014 California Passenger Rail Summit Panel Notes & Photos with Links to Presentations

Panel notes and photos with links to Presentations in PDF format.

LAUS Harvey

SW Rail -- Mar 4th 2014

You’re Invited to the 2014 California Passenger Rail Summit

Join us April 2-3, 2014 as we meet with leaders in the industry for discussions on the modernization and integration of passenger rail service in California. Speakers will discuss funding, development, and strategic approaches to ensure the continued success of the nation’s premier passenger rail network.
For more information, including sponsors and the …  More>>

SW Rail -- Dec 29th 2013

Save The Date

Join us April 2-3, 2014 for the California Passenger Rail Summit
These are interesting times for passenger rail development in California. With the formation of the new California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA), California is on the verge of significant enhancements to the passenger rail system. The modernization and integration of the passeng…  More>>

SW Rail -- Oct 25th 2013

If you get that train rolling, they will come

Our valley leaders are to be heartily congratulated over their decision to fund a study and continue to support the increase of passenger trains to and from our valley.
The proposal includes a yearlong study. In that time, I sincerely hope that all parties involved — our politicians both local and national, the public, the tribes and the freight tra…  More>>

SW Rail -- Oct 25th 2013

Major steps being made toward rail

CVAG, county transportation commission pact a major step toward daily rail service

Amtrak’s Coast Starlight cruises along the California coast. Coachella Valley travelers can connect with the train at Union Station in Los Angeles. / Courtesy photo

Local transportation leaders have been pushing for daily train service between the Coachella Va…  More>>

SW Rail -- Oct 12th 2013

Coachella Valley Passenger Train

The Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) voted unanimously at their October 9, 2013 meeting, to approve a Memorandum of Understanding with the Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG) to pursue daily passenger train service between Coachella Valley and Los Angeles.
This is very exciting news, especially when the governmental agencies…  More>>

Steve Grande -- May 14th 2013


From “CVAG Today”
At the April 29th meeting of the Executive Committee, the members tackled the issue of how best to move forward in bringing passenger rail to the Coachella Valley. Over a decade ago, CVAG commissioned the first of two rail studies, most recently updated by SCS Consulting Services. In between, another study was completed by the…  More>>