Save The Chief!

May 24, 2014

Spectacular Scenery – World Class Tourism – Essential Transportation

This train needs YOUR help NOW!

Almost one third of Amtrak’s historic SOUTHWEST CHIEF route that carries this legendary train through western Kansas, southeastern Colorado, and northern New Mexico is threatened with abandonment. If funding is not identified to rehabilitate the rails and roadbed, the train could be rerouted through Texas or discontinued altogether, creating a devastating gap in our national passenger rail network. If the SOUTHWEST CHIEF remains in Colorado, a parallel proposal could extend the train to Pueblo and Walsenburg, thus magnifying its attraction, proximity, and importance to the Front Range Corridor and the canyons and mountains beyond - creating entirely new transportation and tourism opportunities for residents and visitors alike!

Amtrak’s SOUTHWEST CHIEF serves communities large and small between Chicago and Los Angeles every day – 2265 miles. For many rail passengers, the SOUTHWEST CHIEF, and its sibling trains across the country, are the only transportation options in the absence of accessible and affordable bus or air service. The CHIEF is an essential and historic link in America’s passenger rail system and we cannot afford to lose it!

Your participation is critical in saving the CHIEF, so please help ColoRail in this effort by joining today, either on our website (www. or by clipping and mailing the coupon below. And please contact your local, state, and federal elected officials to voice your support to keep this essential train serving its traditional communities along the line, while showcasing spectacular scenery and major tourism opportunities.

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